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It's the first day of December, almost 2021 now. Hope you all had a wonderful thxgiving, the COVID has surely made it a very different experience than what we had in the past. Now I have the very last new feature/update for Mys v1.3.5, which is about the pagination system.

As some of you already know, Mysidia currently has Pagination only for myadopts and user list pages. In the next version however, more pages will enable pagination. I've noticed how it starts to affect the speed/performance for some clients with bigger sites, this is a necessary step to take.

On the other hand, it is now possible to customize the number of rows to display for a paginated list/table. To change this is rather simple, just go to the basic settings link inside admin control panel, and you will see a new form field to change the pagination rows as the below screenshot demonstrates:


The default rows per page is 10, but it can be changed to any integer value(even 1 is acceptable but its not recommended). If we change this value from 10 to 15, the following changes can be observed:

ACP Links Manager with 10 rows per page:


ACP Links Manager with 15 rows per page:


Every admin may specify this value separately depending on the preferences. Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to specify rows for each individual pages separately, you will have to edit the source code to hardcode this if you wish to. We will consider this option in future.

Now that all features for Mys v1.3.5 are completed, we will have a RC version ready for testing before the official release. The RC should become available in about 2-3 days from now, though I will not provide a public download link. Those interested in playing with new features and helping me finding out potential bugs, can PM me for a private download link for Mys v1.3.5 RC.

Mys v1.3.5 will also come with some QoL updates such as dropdown selection for site themes at basic settings(as you can see from the first screenshot), so you will not accidentally break your site anymore if you make a typo for the name of your theme. Stay tuned, we will have a new version ready in just a week or two.


Oh good! I was considering displaying user's pets on their public profiles but it just got a little buggy to my memory.
Pagination has presented some interesting challenges for me in terms of customizing, so glad to see it getting some TLC!
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