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The beta version of Mysidia Adoptables v1.3.6 was already released a week ago, and I will introduce one last new mini-feature before the RC release on Aug 18th. This one may be considered another QoL update, which enables easier integration with MyBB forum. Admins will no longer need to manually edit config_forums.php to enter the information, as this can now be done in ACP with more user-friendly interface:


But there are more to it, the ACP will be able to validate if your entered information is valid. It will try to instantiate a database object with the forum DB info, and will produce the following error if you make a typo or forget to enter some required fields:


As some of you already know, the forum integration only works if the table prefix_users from your adoptables site and mybb forum databases are in sync. For instance, if the next autoincrement user ID is 3 for adoptables site, then this value must also be 3 for mybb forum, or the user IDs are out of sync and forum integration will fail. The ACP will now actively check for this user ID consistency, and you will get the following error message if the next auto-increment ID values are not in sync. In this case, you will have to change the auto-increment ID manually in the mybb database before proceeding with forum integration:


Of course, if everything goes right and the forum integration is completed without error, you will get the below Forum integration success message. As what is said in the message, you are recommended to turn off registration on your forum database to make sure users will only be able to register on the adoptables site. Alternatively, if you are an experienced MyBB admin yourself, you may simply change the registration link on your forum to the adoptables site's registration link, which may give your members a better user experience than simply displaying a 'Registration Disabled' error message.


Thats it, the forum integration has been made like a breeze with this new update. I may work on an enhanced Forum Integration Plugin/Mod later to add more functionality to forum integration, ie. synchronize user IDs for out of sync user data. In future I will also enable integration with other forum software such as PHPBB and SMF. This concludes the feature-set for Mys v1.3.6, I hope you will all enjoy the upcoming new version.

I will not provide forum installation service on MysidiaHost for newly registered users from now on, it will be only performed if the user proves to be active for at least a month. This is because I've noticed some site admins abandoned their sites/forums and their MyBB forums got flooded by spambots, slowing down our entire server. I hate to break it to some of you, but its your responsibility to manage your forum properly.

Anyone who has spambot flooded MyBB forum on MysidiaHost will have his/her hosting account suspended, and then closed/removed if I do not hear back from you in a week. You will also be blacklisted on MysidiaHost as I consider this as serious offense. I hope for understanding as the hosting service is free, and its not that hard for you to at least inform me that you will abandon your site/forum.
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