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Well today I have a good news for all of you. The RC version of Mys v1.3.6 is ready, and it comes with these new updates:

1. Full Fledged MVC architecture with proper data models
2. PHP 7/8 and MySQL 8 compatibility
3. Custom Smarty Templates
4. MyBB forum integration in ACP
5. New Password Hashing using BCrypt
6. Miscellaneous QoL Updates

As you see, Mys v1.3.6 does not introduce new features, and all the updates are effectively QoL updates or bug fixes. The new version is compatible with PHP 7/8, it currently runs smoothly on my PHP 7.4 server. The minimum PHP version has also been bumped up to PHP 5.4, so you wont be able to use Mysidia v1.3.6 if you are stuck on PHP 5.3 server. Once the official release is ready, new accounts on MysidiaHost will be using PHP 7.4 by default.

You may download the RC version of Mys v1.3.6 from this link below:

This is the RC version which means Release Candidate, it has most bugs and critical issues fixed and there may not be further changes to the code before the official release next week. This RC version is good enough for new users to start a fresh installation with, but I do not recommend upgrading Mys v.1.3.5 or earlier versions to an RC release. If you already have an existing site, wait till the stable release to upgrade.

If you do insist on upgrading to Mys v1.3.6 RC, make sure you backup your database and files on the server. The upgrader should work for users with fresh installations of Mys v1.3.5, as well as those who have never modified the script files on the server. If you have heavily customized your site, do not use the upgrader as it will break any custom script you may have made.

I found that Mys v1.3.6 RC does not work with IPV6(table prefix_online's `ip` column has varchar(20)), this will be fixed in the stable release. If you run into this problem, just go to PhpMyAdmin and change the column length for `ip` from varchar(20) to varchar(60). Alternatively you may go to ACP to disable the who's online module.
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Bugs Fixed since the Beta Release:

1. MySQL 5.6, 5.7, 5.8 not working in strict mode(STRICT_TRANS_TABLES) in Beta version, fixed in RC version.
2. Class RadioList did not work on PHP 8 servers in Beta version, fixed in RC version.
3. Going to new PM page without a recipient specified triggers a fatal error in Beta version, fixed in RC version.
4. Adoptables Siggy has notice error and will not display image in Beta version, fixed in RC version.

Bugs still in the RC Release:

1. Not working with IP V6 due to insufficient column length for field `ip` in table prefix_online, will be fixed in Stable version.
2. Upgrader not updating the column type for `adopt` in table prefix_alternates, will be fixed in Stable version.
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hii c: im new here so im not sure if im posting in the right place, sorry if i shouldnt post this here
i installed the version above but i get the following error from my hosting site:

Uncaught Exception: Database error 1406 - Data too long for column 'ip' at row 1
Mysidia Adoptables v1.3.6 RC/resource/core/database.php row 231

im not good at coding so i have no clue what that means aa could you maybe help me? c: thank you in advance!

Can you show me the url of your site? Also you can pm me the cpanel login and ftp information if you dont mind, Id like to run some test and figure out the issue. the IP column allows for up to 60 characters and I thought it should work with both IPV4 and IPV6.

Edit: It seems that your database structure was exactly the same as Mys v1.3.5, rather than Mys v1.3.6. I have no idea why this happened, but 'upgrading' your database to Mys v1.3.6 structure fixed the issue.
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Hi, I'm not sure where to report bugs on the new forum but thought I'd report this one that's been around for a while and that I haven't seen many people mention. (The earliest I remember having an issue with it is back in 1.3.4)

When you can select pets from dropdowns, if they have the same name as another, they don't show up.

Here I have all my pets called Unnamed by default but only 1 male and 1 female show up. (In the DB I actually have 3 males, 2 females, all called Unnamed)

2023-07-09 17_31_57-Bean Pets and 10 more pages - Personal - Microsoft​ Edge.png

2023-07-09 17_32_19-localhost _ MySQL _ bean_pets _ adopts_owned_adoptables _ phpMyAdmin 5.2.0...png

If you rename them they do show up of course

2023-07-09 17_33_06-Bean Pets and 10 more pages - Personal - Microsoft​ Edge.png

Personally I'd include the ID of the adoptable in the dropdown next to their name, that would probably fix it. I can't currently figure it out though lol. All the LinkedHashMap, DropdownList, stuff confuses me xD
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