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  • I'm glad that you like it ^^ if for some reason yiu want to do change something or add something just tell me and i will make the change =)
    No problem ^^ will send you a sketch soon, if you like it i will start painting it, if not just tell me what to edit and i will do the changes until you are satisfied with the sketch =)
    hey i need help with making a condition for item like adopt check

    this is adopt check condition -
    $Adoptcheck = $mysidia->db->select("owned_adoptables", array("type"), "type ='Species Name' and owner ='{$mysidia->user->username}'")->rowCount();
    if($Adoptcheck >= 1){$mysidia->db->update("users_status", array("OwnCertainAdopt" => 'unlocked'), "username='{$mysidia->user->username}'");}

    but i want one for item check any help please
    Well a recipe item is an item that represents a recipe. If you have played video games with alchemy-like features, you will know that some of them only allow you to mix items if you have the recipe. So if an alchemy combination requires a recipe, you cannot mix items this way unless you have the recipe. For instance, if the alchemy of A + B -> C requires a recipe, you cannot make C from A and B without having this recipe in your inventory. Maybe its not a good explanation, but hope you understand what I mean.
    Umm, I can't easily point that out... on the forum, I left my code and a link to a difference checker. Maybe look at those? o_O
    Abronsyth, I took a look a look at the differences between our inventory codes, and something really strange shows up. At first I thought that most of the differences were just spaces, but then, these huge chunks from both our codes got highlighted... your highlighted code is towards the bottom while mine's towards the top. o_O
    Hello! Would you mind doing a comparison of you inventory code and mine? I don't see yours, but if you want me to do it, I can try to find some sort of difference-picking tool. :3
    Hi there, you've been spammed and insulted through PM? Can you quote the entire PM to me? I can give an infraction/warning to the culprit, and if it happens again he/she may be banned.
    I will see what I can do. I do know rapidshare deletes files after a certain period of time, cant believe Mediafire does this too. *sigh* My old PC may have backup, but it suffered hard drive failure and I've yet to recover the old data yet. Maybe I can find some other links with Mys v1.3.0 or v1.3.1, I will let you know if I find anything.
    Well I can do freelancing programming, but its not really the kind of stable job I am looking for. Its hard to explain, but I hope I will find a desired job soon. Thanks. ^^
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