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  • Hey you can remove - An error has pet profile by going to lang file of global and just deleteing the text an error has occured. so it will show nothing :)
    I see. So you have uploaded the script and installed it? I thought you knew how to install it, but if you need any help plz let me know.
    Well I can upload the scripts for you if you need it, but nope they are not on the server unless you request it.
    Umm Cort, is he your husband or friend? Anyway I was just curious how the site looks so different all of a sudden, its not like I need help with coding lol. I really like how your site has such a unique appearance now, users must really dig it.
    Yeah thats indeed impressive, I especially like the look of your site and the design of user interface. Its cool that you can modify the script and create your own to this extent, your skills must have improved drastically for the last few months. Can I see an example of the actual coding on a page of your site? Just getting curious.
    Just took a look at your tales of dragon, and it looks really nicely customized. Are you sure you are still using this script? lol. Anyway I am more than impressed at the fact that you set up url rewrite for the main site, it is a task I've just completed for Mys v1.3.3. XD
    I think I'm having an issue with the cages mod - I'm missing rats I know I have, so I'm not sure if the pagination isn't working? With some of the cages, I've got ten rats in there, but not pages.
    That's alright. Er, question though - how am I going to pay you for coding? xD
    Er.. I just went to the ham site and apparently its now a husky site? So I'm guessing you don't need the hamsters anymore...?
    Well...I don't know what an adult/elder puppy would look like...a wrinkly baby? Lol! But yeah, I know what you mean XD That's 5 stages total, and just a little bigger than those older pieces. I can start tomorrow or Monday, since I'm going to be busy today...and, no need for references, I have it covered.

    Oh, and good luck with your puppy! She's adorable!
    Mmkay, I could certainly help you out :) As I said, canines are probably something I have the easiest time doodling...this is actually a set of wolf lines that I did as a request a ways just a small example:
    I considered making one way back...pixel or digital art?

    And, yeah, I may be interested B)
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