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  • HA! I have no idea what I just did, but I GOT IT! xD Ha ha, I'LL BE BACK! :3 Most likely.

    But thanks for your help! :)
    Never mind. Still however, I cannot log in without a port number. Sorry for sending you so many messages! xD
    Hi. I was using your tutorial, and then, I got to the part where I need to log in. I was using the video tutorial, and yours looks nothing like mine. Mine pops up as a small box, while yours is quite a large screen. Then, when I try to log in, it won't connect to the server unless I put in a port number? :( Thanks for reading! :)
    (Reply to your post here)

    Ah, yeah, same with my latest site, sort of XD It seems everyone's been having a lot of trouble finding a reliable host for an affordable price...though some that I've payed for have been...less than reliable. I'm glad you found a good host finally! Ah, okay :) I love hooded rats, there was a gorgeous beige one at the pet store and I wanted him so badly, but I don't have the room XD

    Well, it's good that things are going better for you! I only just managed to settle on an idea, so hopefully I'll stick with it and be able to open by May, like I was hoping. Anyways, in regards to the name, if Rattus Online is the new name then I must say I really like it! It sounds much more professional, and is also very intriguing in itself!
    This is very odd- Ruinily was having the same problem, but I never had that problem when I was setting my free-account's site up :(
    You will see for this then, its impossible to envision how things will turn out to be at this point. Silverdragontears got her VPS server when a cheap paidhost aint working out for her sites, must be cool when you reach this level of activity.
    Indeed, when you go for paid host you know its getting real serious. Well maybe by the time Mys v1.4.0 or v1.5.0 comes out it will be the time to start your serious business? XD

    Good luck on that, hopefully Iris has some ideas how to help you.
    umm you can always try paid host, but use that as a last resort. If you end up with a wrong paidhost, you will feel really bad. At least with freehost, you can comfort yourself by saying 'hey, its free service, I know it will suck anyway'. XD
    I understand what you are saying gal. But to think about the bright side, you still have a good amount of time to look for new hosts or wait for Nemesis to get back before it hits Christmas. Would be bad if it gets past Christmas and you havent done anything lol.
    umm thats weird, what works for Iris aint working out for you? Did you contact the hosting service provider? There's gotta be an explanation for that lol.
    Oh finding a new host, that does seem to be a problem. I know that Iris is able to get her PHP 5.3 host, and she successfully set up the site. Not sure if you can get any advices from her?
    Alright if you want to. XD I still havent been able to set it up yet, lol. Guess I am still not good enough.

    Sure thing, take your time then. If you find something interesting and helpful, please lemme know.
    Well actually Ruinily has been trying to help me lately, she created a facebook account for Mysidia Adoptables. I am not able to get the facebook button to work on the main site though, the html wont show. The twitter button does work though, weird.

    Umm I dont think vbulletin is the problem, its by far the best forum software at this moment. Going from Vbulletin to something like MyBB and PHPBB is like a downgrade, wont help anything. I do believe its possible get the main site to work with the forum, perhaps just need some theme/template integration.

    Oh I see what you mean, yeah its not possible to play around with vbulletin as it costs money. It shouldnt be a big problem though, if you figure something out with other platforms I should be able to find a way for it to work with vbulletin.
    Yeah MA does allow easy installation, which is key to its success so far. BMR does seem to promote his sites better than what I can do though, thats another plus for him. You do have a point, what we currently have are mostly users interested in actually creating their sites than doing it for fun/test. But ya know, as a script grows popular, you always get users who just play around, just like how big boards always have more trolls than small forums lol.

    Well thats not possible, this forum is running with Vbulletin and always will be. I am sure there are other ways of doing it, how about manopulating something with the site so its compatible with the forum rather than the other way around?

    Oh sure, Id like to see what you can come out with. Good luck with that, and keep me updated.
    Well most scripts are like that. You install your forum script such as Vbulletin, IPB, Phpbb and MyBB on your own, unless your host has something like fantastico to provide a quick installation service. Actually by the time Mys v1.4.0 comes out I may consider host up to 50-100 sites, cant do as many as BMR's MA though.

    I understand what you are saying, buddypress does look like a good example here. It does feel like that the forum and the main site are somewhat detached from each other. The fact is that the main site was designed by Nyxi, which is somewhat personalized. The forum uses vbulletin, it has a more professional look. I honestly dont quite know how to 'integrate' the main site and the forum though. If you wanna set up a test site for me to get some inspiration from, that would be nice. XD
    Yeah I figured, after all BMR's myadopts can stay active without updating the site/script in years. Perhaps its the nature of this script that makes it impossible to repeat MA's popularity, even if I am able to create a much superior product some things will never change. Well am I being way too pessimistic?

    umm you mean integrating the site and forum? Maybe updating the forum's theme and banner so they match the main site?

    Ah I see, if it is not way too complex I may give a try someday. Many people will find that useful I think.
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