What's new in Mys v1.3.4: Improved Adopt-Levels Management

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Its about time to introduce the last new feature in Mys v1.3.4 before the final beta testing stage, this one is called 'Improved Adopt-Levels Management'. With it, you will be able to add/edit/remove levels for adoptables in a much more convenient way. The new Level settings also enable you to control your users' actions on levelup.php. Wanna take a preview? Here we go!

Add Multiple Levels to an Adoptable:
Yes, in Mys v1.3.4 it is possible to add multiple levels for a given adoptables at the same time. Theoretically you can add as many levels as you want, but there is a level-cap setting that I will explain later which sets the upper limit. The reward promocode for levels is removed from ACP as it is a legacy feature that does not serve any purposes. You may also notice that there are some default values of required clicks for each levels. These are template for creating new levels, which you can define in level settings too just like the level cap.
[image unavailable]

Once you click the 'Create Level(s)' button, bingo, you've created multiple levels for your adoptable. In fact, it is completely unnecessary to enter information for all levels up to the level cap, you are perfectly fine skipping one or a few higher levels for your adoptables. However, skipping the very first next level will trigger an error, in my case it's lv.1. If you skip lv.3 but not lv.4, both lv.3 and lv.4 will not be created. This is due to the nature of adopt-levels being strictly sequential. There is no 3 without 2, and no 4 without 3.

Manage Levels for Adoptables:
Once you create these levels, they will be available to edit. As can be seen from the screenshot below, you can also delete adoptables levels this time. The script will ask for you to confirm your action, as deletion of adopt-levels is slightly more complex than deletion of users, adopts and items. Remember that adoptables levels are sequential, if you get rid of lv.2, you also eliminate lv.3 and lv.3+. The script is smart enough to use a loop to get rid of all levels higher than the one you are removing.
[image unavailable]

The improved ACP also allows you to change adoptables levels to a hosted image rather than local image only. Make sure to get rid of the other if you decide to use either hosted or local images, otherwise you may run into unexpected errors. In the end though, only one of the hosted or local image will be chosen for your adoptables.
[image unavailable]

Settings for Adopt-Levels:

The improved ACP for Adopt-Levels also allow you to specify settings for your Levelup System. You can temporarily disable users from leveling up adoptables by disabling the Level-Click system, it can be useful at Debug time. You can specify level-cap/maximum level for all adoptables too, in my case I've changed it from 4 to 3. The setting for click reward money is now moved to Level Settings rather than the Global Settings section, something you may need to pay attention to.
[image unavailable]

The Level-Clicks mechanism is a bit complicated, and may require me to explain a while. This is the method for determining default/template required clicks for each level. There are two mechanisms available now: Incremental and Multiple. If Incremental is chosen, you will enter an increasing sequence of numbers in the field 'clicks' below, which serve as the default/template required clicks for each level. If Multiple is chosen, you will enter only two numbers in the field 'clicks'. The first number indicates the required clicks for lv.1, and the second number is the multiple of the required clicks for the next level. I hope the explanation in the screenshot is clear enough, but please lemme know if you need more examples to see how it works in action. Note these are just templates to make your life at creating multiple levels easier. You can easily get rid of the default value and specify your own for each species, its your call.

On the other hand, you may also specify some restrictive settings for the levelup.php page actions. You can stop users from getting too much money from clicking adoptables by setting an upper limit on how many they can click per day. Also you may prevent users from clicking their own adoptables. Not sure if this is necessary, but I guess it wont hurt to provide an option. Below is a screenshot when a user clicks too many adoptables a day or attempts to click on his/her own adoptables:
[image unavailable]

With this, all new features have been implemented in Mys v1.3.4, the next version is now complete and ready to release after a day or two's final beta-testing process. I will post an official announcement once Mys v1.3.4 is released, enjoy the rest of weekend everyone.

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