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  • Hi there Nemesis, did you investigate the cause of Iris' problem with Mys v1.3.4. She keeps getting internal server error, which is difficult to tell whether it has something to do with her server or that its caused by the script's incompatibility. If you have an error log(maybe from apache server) that describes her problem that would be nice, since its easier to track down the root of error with an error log.
    Hey, Nemesis, just letting you know that I think is running PHP 5.2.x of some sort, so the current/latest Mysidia release (1.3.2) does not function on it properly.

    So, in short, you should probably upgrade your PHP version :)
    Hey Nemesis. I was wondering if I could switch my site from x10hosting to your hosting? x10 is just too big of a pain and I heard your hosting is great. Thanks!
    Hi! Just wanted to let you know I added another site, the address is (u567518437). I'll be purchasing a domain later, just want to get set up now. C: I'm going to put the entire works for my novel on it.
    Hey Nemesis, just tried to log into my cpanel on 99webs, and found this:
    > SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'r.subscribed' in 'field list'

    While I can fix the file I was looking for through my FTP client, I thought you'd like the info on the error.
    in CPanel under domains click park domain and enter the domain you bought. then get the name servers and where you bought the domain log in and change those name servers
    Hey Nemesis... Exactly how do I park a domain on top of my normal domain? I just bought one.
    yeah you'd be the third running away from x10. give me your domain, and your login details for x10. do a pm please and what account are you useing on gemstone hosting? if you don't have one please make one at
    Hey, Nemesis, my premium hosting with x10hosting is screwing up and giving me fits...I don't want anymore problems, and I have a site to'd like to discuss switching over to your hosting. I have a bit of custom coding on my site, so would we be able to transfer all of my files from my site on x10hosting to your hosting?

    Also, just wondering, do you offer premium services/domain names?
    Looks like your business is starting to take off, many people are switching from their old webhosts to yours.
    Oh sorry about that. You saw I banned lots of spambots lately, they kept registering(although never activated their accounts) and it was frustrating. I must have made a mistake back then.
    let me check after exam week is over. Also I'll work a deal out with you for ad free hosting if your interested.
    Thanks for activating it. :3 I've got some questions though - firstly, not all of my mysql data seems to have transferred - I'd say less then 5%, perhaps even 2%. I'm not sure why though? Also, I'm having real issues with the forum - it's not logging me in when I log into the main site, and when I log in, it logs me back out right away. Also all of the links - the logo, breadcrumbs - point towards my old domain, but I switched all of the domain info in the config files to my knowledge. Can you help?

    Also, yeah, I was having a lot of trouble with x10. When I'm not having connection errors or slow pages, the database or server is done, it was great in the beginning, but its been awful since.
    gloometh your account should now be active. I was meaning to pm you as when i tried to view your site I got a x10 splash page saying you were using to much bandwidth. Haha you need not worry about that happening with my host :)
    Hi, I signed up again for a gemstone hosting, with the intent to move my x10host adoptable site over to your host. But I don't seem to be getting the activation email - I've told it to resend it, and I've even changed the email and it doesn't make a difference.
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