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  • I see, lacking creativity? That's a bit weird, but I know for sure that you will get better soon.

    Raising money through let's play videos? Sounds like an interesting plan and I hope it works out, I personally ain't a fan of such videos but I am sure lots of people will like it. Of course it's a challenge to make people see your videos and subscribe, I wish you best luck on that.

    Got some new games to play? Do you like it so far? For me, I'm kinda waiting for the new dragon age game and the new witcher game to be released, these will be epic.

    And happy new year!
    The banner is up. XD Sorry for the delay, I just finished one of my three final exams earlier today so finally got some time to do some stuff here.
    Oh are you feeling kinda sick because of the bad weather? It does seem to affect me a bit, since some of the buildings and rooms(including my own bedroom) have much higher temperature than the outside and I catch a cold whenever there is a dramatic change of weather. It cant be helped though, guess I am just not healthy myself. XD

    And for the banner, is it fine if it shows up at the footer of the forum just like VPL's?
    Oh I see, thats kinda bad but at least you are fine since Friday. May is still a long time from now, but wont hurt to look forward to it. XD

    The banner looks nice, it should fit the ad bar of the forum footer. Good job on this, I will try putting it up soon.
    Yeah it does seem that way to me. XD

    Looks like you do have a good number of uncles, step-uncles do seem to be one of the fun things in your life, assuming we get along with them of course. I get along well with my cousins too, they are like brothers/sisters to me as I am the only offspring of my parents.

    Oh really? Is the code that difficult to understand? XD

    Yeah sleeping, thats one of the most important things to keep yourself fresh. Unfortunately as we become adults, its difficult to manage sleep schedule properly...

    Sounds fun and exciting, thats what Oct 31st is supposed to be. For me though, its somewhat fun to have an exam on the same day. May as well be the root of happiness, or ruin the fun completely.

    Anyway how have you been? I'm sorry for not being as responsive as I am supposed to lately, this semester is quite busy for me as I have to search for jobs, study and work on school projects at the same time. Multi-tasking is always hard, dont you think so? Unfortunately, it seems that the members who used to hang around this support forum are pretty much gone now. I wish theres something I could do about it. *sigh*
    I see, looks like your days have been enjoyable in general, thats great to know. For me though, its tough to do both schoolwork and job-hunting at the same time, cant be helped though. Oh a little kitten, must be cute. ^^

    Oh you have this many 'uncles'? Its great that you get along with them fine. I dont really like most of my real uncles/aunts(my parents siblings), although I am fine with my cousins.

    I understand, its definitely a time-consuming job to help people troubleshooting their issues with the script. They can have all kinds of problems, sometimes they are only a typo(like capitalizing the domain/script path) but on other occasions they can be a lot more. There are always people who will never be able to run the script, its unfortunate but cannot be helped. I wish I could help them, but now I only have time for minor questions. I appreciate what you are doing. ^^

    Thats too bad, if only they get along well. Perhaps once they realize they are close relatives the relationship will change for the better, at least you can hope. XD

    Ah congratulations on the huge number of eggs you've gotten from these birds. The weather sure is getting colder, especially at night. I live in northern NY state, I wish it aint gonna snow before Halloween.
    Yeah thats true, 29 is still pretty young and you never know how different life can still be. XD

    I see, its horrible then I guess, not sure if hes just a bad handwriter in general or that he just doesnt care. My father can write very decently if it is an official document, but in most cases he just writes scratches that may or may not make sense to people around him lol.

    Sure, have you found anything that doesnt work for you yet? Seems that you are trying to help out with a newbie user who struggles using the script. Its kinda bad, but I guess the script sure does not work on certain webhosts. By Mys v1.4.0's official release I will actually try to install the scripts on various well-known free/shared hosts and generate a 'compatibility-list'. XD

    Ah thats so nice, I mean for the teacher to be your cousin. I hope its a good thing for your daughter, it should be.

    lol chicken eggs? Why not? I am sorry I did not reply to you earlier, lately I've been quite busy with job applications/career fairs. Its been three crazy weeks, but I will get a fall break pretty soon. In about 10 days I guess, how have you been?
    Ah I see, so you do plan going back to school. Its funny how I will be getting out of school next year. XD I wish the best luck with your learning experience.

    Is it really that terrible? Oh I guess I can imagine lol, although its hard to picture his handwriting without a screenshot lol.

    Thats great, thanks. I really wish people will like the latest version of the script, although the fact that I released it in late August probably already cost me lots of customers/users. *sigh* Wish I could speed up the development, but its not easy until I have a stable job I guess. Anyway, lemme know if you encounter any issue installing/upgrading the script. ^^

    Sounds interesting, the teacher is a distant cousin of yours? Id say its a good thing, after all network is what makes your life easier than it otherwise would be. Dont you think so?
    I see, its perfectly fine. You are busy with studies? Thats interesting, guess you are back to school soon? Good to know the kitty is coping well, must be hard... How was Labor's day for ya?

    lol I bet your father's handwriting must be really bad, but my dad's aint any better I must say. Looks like sometimes all you need is to get used to it. XD

    The new script has been released, I fixed a minor glitch but some still have problems. I actually would love to have you run it on your site/server to see if you can install/run it properly. You dont have to do that though if you are too busy. I will also update you on Mys v1.4.0's development a few days later.

    Oh the 4th? Guess today's the last of her summer break, hope she'll have fun. ^^
    Yeah, it was really unfortunate, I feel bad for Nintendo Wii, hope he copes well.

    I see, sounds interesting, sometimes our handwriting looks bad simply because we do not pay enough attention or that we are in a rush. My handwriting is about fine when doing HW, but during exams they are always bad since I have to beat the time. XD

    Oh it actually does look pretty good, nice attempt I must say. ^^

    Btw, Mys v1.3.4 will be released in a few hours. It will be the last maintenance release for Mys v1.3.x series and only minor glitch fixes will be performed over it. I guess its about time to fully dedicate myself to the Mys v1.4.0 project, I have lots of ideas of how I want it to look like. XD
    I see, thats so great to know. At least, you are doing what is necessary to make life just a little bit better. You will get there step by step.

    Oh really? Thats too bad, hopefully things will get well soon. ^^ I feel bad for the kitten too, must be real hard on her owners. I remembered something like this when my betta fish died, but a non-talking fish is nothing like a cat that you consider as a family rather than a pet so yeah I completely understand.

    I dont know your handwriting, but could it be worse than mine? XD After all, we live in an era in which computer takes over traditional writing works for us.
    Yeah, its always the easier the better, unless the salary differ quite significantly. You have to make a choice when this happens. XD

    Yeah, the cooling system gets better, still gets a bit hot when watching youtube but not that bad now. Small monitor can be a problem for people who do not have good eyesight, especially if you use a desktop.

    Oh you are having health issue? Thats too bad, I hope you recover soon. *hugs*
    Ah a secretary position will definitely be a good option for you. I hope you will find one. ^^

    Well I've got my laptop back now, it turned out to be a big more serious than I thought but still not that bad. Its functioning better, hopefully wont need further actions. XD

    So how are you doing lately?
    Yeah, you should definitely try to think about some better ways, and I believe its doable. XD

    Ah you love urban life. For me it really does not matter, depends on where I live and what I work for. A secretary actually is a nice job, so hopefully you will find one like that. ^^

    And btw I may be offline for a few days since my laptop needs some kind of help, possibly repair. The cooling system is not working, without an external fan it gets super hot even when watching youtube. I know it sucks, but I have no idea when it comes to computer hardware. XD
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