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Dec 15, 2008
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It's been a few years since Mys v1.3.4 was out, and Mys v1.3.5 is finally ready to release. It has several significant improvement over Mys v1.3.4, and every user is encouraged to upgrade unless you have a heavily customized site. Mys v1.3.5 introduces the following new features:

1. Multi-Alternate Adoptables Form:
This is a much demanded feature that our users have been requesting for a long time, and it is happening in the new release. In Mys v1.3.5, it will be possible for admins to create multiple alternate forms/images for the adoptables. These alternate forms may be activated via leveling-up or using items, depending on the chance, gender, or last form ID. Check the link of my blog post below to find out more about this feature.

2. Turn subsystems & features on/off:
It is quite often that site admins wish to disable a certain feature they do not need, or even turn off the entire site to perform maintenance. Mys v1.3.5 allows you to easily enable/disable your site or a subsystem/feature from ACP. Note certain features like Daycare, Pound and Trade can already be disabled via their own settings. Check the link of my blog post below to find out more about this feature.

3. Pagination Optimization:
Mysidia has had pagination for myadopts and members list pages since version v1.3.0, but from now on it is heavily used in many pages that may have a big table to display data, especially ACP. This is especially necessary for bigger sites as I've found that their sites load very slow on certain pages. Admins may also specify the number of rows to display on paginated tables. Check the link of my blog post below to find out more about this feature.

4. Minor QoL Updates:
I will have to agree that the script aint very easy to use for certain users. Some struggle with installation, some break their sites from ACP. Mys v1.3.5 introduces a few QoL updates to make it more convenient for admins. For instance, you will be automatically redirected to installation page if you have not installed the script. The theme selection from site settings is now a dropdown list so you wont have to worry about breaking your site if you make a typo in the default theme name. Forum integration is also updated to work with MyBB v1.8.

5. Miscellaneous Bug Fixes:
Mys v1.3.4 had quite a few bugs that demand attention, and most of the reported glitches from bug tracker have been fixed in this new version. We welcome users to report unresolved bugs present in Mys v1.3.5 too if you find out any.

Installation Guide:
1. Use ftp to Upload the entire folder Mysidia Adoptables v1.3.5 to your preferred directory, and change the name to whatever you like.
2. Change the CMD of folder "picuploads" to 777, together with its subfolders, this is required to enable user uploading images. Also change the CMD of the subfolders "cache", "compile" and "config" in your template folder to 777.
3. Rename the file config_adopts to config.php, otherwise the script will tell you config.php does not exist.
4. Access your site by the appropriate url and you will be automatically redirected to installation page, follow the instructions and proceed.
5. Congrats, you've successfully installed Mys v1.3.5, cheers!

Note: The value pepper code can be generated from a website called:, it can be of any length and may contain symbols.Make sure to delete the file install/index.php after running this script, or your site is potentially at danger if this file is accessed by someone else. Also make sure your server is running on PHP 5.3.0+ and supports PDO, the latter is especially important.

Upgrade Guide:
An upgrader from mys v1.3.4 is available, and should be easy to use. To upgrade, simply upload all script files to your folder and overwrite the existing ones. The config file is named config_adopts.php by default, so your old config file should be safe. Now run the upgrade.php script to complete this task, shouldnt take more than 10 secs. If you are upgrading from Mys v1.3.3, you will need to upgrade to Mys v1.3.4 first.

Do not use the upgrader if you have a site with heavily modified script! Mys v1.3.5 does not touch most of the core class files so addons/plugins compatible with Mys v1.3.4 are expected to work with Mys v1.3.5. I will convert some of my own plugins to Mys v1.3.5 compatible incase they are not. What can be sure is that the upgrader will not do its job if your script is highly customized, in this case you need to upgrade manually.

Forum Integration Guide:

First of all, make sure you have both fresh installation of Mysidia Adoptables and MyBB forum. Open the file /inc/config_forums.php, enter each empty field for the database info of your MyBB forum. Then Change the variable mybbenabled from 0 to 1. The very last step is to disable registration on the forum. It is all said and done, new users will have accounts created from both the adoptables site and the forum from now on.

Note the forum integration has been upgraded and thus it should work with MyBB v1.8. Lemme know immediately if it does not, I will take action asap. If you are stuck on MyBB v1.6 however, you will need use the forum integration script from Mys v1.3.4 instead.

Download Links(both .rar and .zip are provided):

Mediafire Links:

Rar version:

Zip Version:

4Shared Links:

Rar version:

Zip Version:

Following Mys v1.3.5's release, we are feature-completed for Mys v1.3.x series. I plan to make a new minor version Mys v1.3.6 to address some concerns such as PHP 7/8 compatibility, which is a very demanded feature since Mys v1.3.x has been compatible with PHP 5.3-5.6 only. The next version is projected to be available in February or March 2021, it will not add significant new features but will come with some more QoL updates and Bug fixes(whatever we find from Mys v1.3.5 of course). Stay tuned, and check Mysidia Official Blogs for any new updates that may come in the next few months.

Have a great week everyone, I hope you enjoy the upcoming Christmas Holidays especially with the release of our new version.

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December 20, 2020
Happy Holidays, and have a good New Year, HoF! Thanks for still working on Mysidia Adoptables :colonu:
This sounds fantastic! Like Abronsyth said, thank you so much for continuing to work on this script!! The new system for alternate forms sounds super promising. Can't wait to look at this. Now I am motivated to get back into coding lol.
*thumbs up* super excited for the php 7 updates that will be coming as my host no longer supports anything under 7 without making clients paying extra for supporting legacy code. The one silver lining in that is it forced me to keep up with modern php. Thank you for coming back to us HoF!
Thanks for the comments guys/gals. If you've downloaded/installed the new version of Mysidia Adoptables script before Jan 2nd, make sure you get the new /classes/class_breeding.php file from this link:

The new download links already have the issue reported by Abronsyth fixed, so it will not affect any new users/installations.
Hi! I have installed 1.3.5 on a new server (I'm using wamp at the moment just for playing around with the script) and I've run into an issue relating to alt forms when adopting an adopt. I've not altered the adopt.php file at all and I compared it to the file from a new download of 1.3.5 and they're both the same.

I was going to add in Kyttias' know gender before naming when I noticed the issue. (To test things I reverted the file back to my backup - so I think the name mod isn't the issue)

Basically when I go through to adopt something it throws an error relating to getAltStatus in adopt.php. On this site I've only made changes to the CSS and in class_template where I added stuff to make a smarty sidebar so I don't know where the issue stems from. :/ I haven't gotten around to making any other changes yet lol.

  Spoiler: Image 

I also have an issue with adding alt forms in adminCP. I was trying to see if adding an alt form would help (as I created a new adopt to test things anyway) but when I go to add the alt form in I can't edit them in adminCP. They don't show up when I click to edit alternate form. The table is just blank. But if I check my database adopts_alternates I can see the alts in there just fine. However, they don't affect my adoptables at all... I set a few alts at 100 chance to be applied and it didn't work

  Spoiler: Empty Alts Table 

  Spoiler: Database Table 

I also reverted all my files to an earlier backup just in case and that didn't work. :hmmm:

Appreciate any insight, thank you! :usedusedused:
I need to upgrade manually, but as far as I understand that would involve going through all the files and copying over the required changes by hand... is there any guide available for which files I'd need to change, what (if anything) I need to change in the database, etc.?
I need to upgrade manually, but as far as I understand that would involve going through all the files and copying over the required changes by hand... is there any guide available for which files I'd need to change, what (if anything) I need to change in the database, etc.?

A lot of files are changed due to addition of pagination to some pages, but it may not be important to you. What are the files that you've touched/changed? If there aint any, you may just upload all the files to the servers and overwrite the old ones.
Fatal error: Call to undefined method Adoptable::getAltStatus() in /home/taleofdr/public_html/adopt.php on line 32
Fatal error: Call to undefined method Adoptable::getAltStatus() in /home/taleofdr/public_html/adopt.php on line 32

I had this error as well and all you have to do it delete the getAltStatus line in adopt.php :) It's left over from the previous version of the script but it's safe to delete it
Why are all the adopts males? Is it supposed to be like that? If so do I just install the gender ratio mod?
Its not normal, but it shouldnt happen with the script anyway. Gender Ratio mod is not mandatory for this, how many times did you try adopting? The ratio should be 50/50 by default.
hmm this is weird, I will test on my demo site and see if I can reproduce the same issue.

Edit: I was able to get female pets, so I think this is not a bug. I aint sure why this happens to you.
When I use items on my rats I get this error even though the item works.

Fatal error: Call to undefined method OwnedAdoptable::canUseAlternate() in /home/adorkabl/public_html/classes/class_ownedadoptable.php on line 188
No matter what I do I can't get the alternate image. and the primary has no ID. just says N/A
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