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  • Watch it just be mine. XD I hate these little glitches that keep cropping up when a sites being all being set up... thier just annoying lol.
    Lol its probably in a Lang file. I went through all of those just to make sure they were saying the right thing... Um, also when I go to my profile and try clicking on other tabs it doesnt show them... it goes to the right url I think, but the page stays the same. :eek: Just thought you might like to know.
    I'll add a favicon, I have yet to find a way to fix the levelup link not going to levelup/click/, though it was working fine for me I think.
    Its up again. ^_^ Lol nice theme, it looks like its coming together. :D Though I'm still getting a problem when I try to feed after adopting a pet. It now says,

    'Invalid Action Specified
    You specified an invalid action that cannot be completed.'

    and goes to instead of still. :/

    And are you going to change the browser icon? :P I think all you have to do is just stick a file named 'favicon.ico' in the main website directory.
    I will, I just have to figure that out now because I've never changed the theme before lol
    It was deleted due to inactivity but I'll get it set back up, and when it is set up you can join ^^
    Oh thats too bad, has it really been that hard on you? Anyway I apologize for having to get you into this kind of trouble. The transition from procedural to object oriented PHP is inevitable though since the development of this script will be impossible once it becomes feature-rich but with spaghetti code. I hope your site will get fixed soon.
    Oh changing banners with seasons or events. I remember the designer Nyxi was once looking for a PHP script that changes graphics and other aspects of the sites with season/time. It was a quite interesting discovery.

    Bringing fantasy to life, sounds quite interesting and I wish you good luck accomplishing this.
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