What's new in Mys v1.3.4: Trade System(Part II: Public and Partial Trade)

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In my last article I have given an overview of the new trade system and how multiple adopts/items trade will work like a charm. In this second part of a multi-blogpost series, I will continue to introduce more features of the trade system. This time it is about another two new features, public trade and partial trade.

New Feature: Public Trade

In Mys v1.3.4 the new trade system will bring in a feature called public trade. It works quite different from the traditional trade offers you send with older script, as in a public trade offer you do not specify a recipient. It makes sense, a public trade offer's recipient is everyone! Also you do not select from a list of your recipient's owned adoptables or items for what you expect to receive, the selection list will have all available adoptables species(not each owned adoptable) and item types. If multiple adopts/items is enabled on your site, you can specify as many as you want and users who meet at least one criterion will be able to take actions with your public trade offer. The difference in selection list is demonstrated in the screenshot below:
[image unavailable]

Note that if you do not specify a recipient, the trade type must be public or you wont be able to send a trade offer at all! Anyway, simply select the checkbox at the bottom of the trade form to make the trade public, then click the submit button to proceed:
[image unavailable]

Its easy, isnt it? I know this can be confusing for new users who have no idea how public and private trade offers differ, so perhaps you will need to at least add some description to each trade types on your site's FAQ section. Its up to you. Anyway a public trade offer can be viewed by all users who can access trade station, the public trade offers overview link can be found at the trade station's index page(same with partial trade):

[image unavailable]

Now if another user goes to trade station, he/she can go over all public trade offers and select the one that appears interesting. Other users can send as many private trade requests associated with this very public trade offers of yours, while each user can send different trade scenarios too based on the public offers.
[image unavailable]

After choosing a public trade offer to view, the user will be able to take action on it. He/she will be sending a private trade offer to you with 'role reversal', but only will be given limited choices on what adoptables and items he/she can offer based on the description you previously specified. For instance, if you specify 2-3 species as your wanted adoptables, only adoptables belong to these 2-3 species can be selected in the user's selection list. Also your offered adoptables can not be modified or removed. The screenshot below describes how it works in action:
[image unavailable]

If the submit button is clicked, you will receive a more concrete private trade offer from the very person interested in your public trade offer. They behave like normal private trade offers, and will show up if you visit the mytrades page.
[image unavailable]

Note you may receive more than one such trade offers, as can be seen from the screenshot above. However, these private trade offers are all associated with the very public trade offer you've just made. If one of such offers are accepted, not only will your public trade offer disappear, but also will its other related private trade offers. The script is smart enough to automatically associate and synchronize related trade offers.

New Feature: Partial Trade

The other feature available together with public trade is the partial trade. The name may sounds confusing at first, a partial trade is an incomplete trade offer that cannot be accepted by a recipient until it's modified. Partial trade offers are usually more primitive and abstract, they work out in a way similar to real life's negotiation process in which you keep exchanging deal proposals with a business partner until the final deal is reached for official signing. Contrary to public trade, a partial trade must have a recipient and its nature is inherently private. You cannot send public partial trade offers, as it wont make sense in many ways.
[image unavailable]

Apparently you need to check the checkbox to make it a partial trade offers. Once submitted, the partial trade can be accessed by your specified trade recipient. The recipient can modify the trade to any extent he/she wants, as it is an incomplete trade offer after all.
[image unavailable]

However, your trade partner will not be able to accept/complete this trade offer. Instead, he/she will have to modify it and send back to you. If the modified/returned trade offer is still a partial trade, you wont be able to complete it either and will have to revise it yourself again. Here goes the never-end negotiation process I guess? Anyway, uncheck the checkbox to remove its partial status if you want to. Once done, the trade will become a private trade offer pending for accept/decline, it will not be customizable any longer. Removing a trade offer's 'partial' status is irreversible(unless modified by an admin), so think twice before acting:
[image unavailable]

Alright, the partial trade offer can be sent again and again or be finalized as a private trade offer ready for processing. It's totally up to you what actions to take. In fact, you can get rid of both public and partial trade features on your site simply by disabling them in ACP. Their presence merely gives site admins more choices on what a trade system they wish to have. Nothing more, nothing less.

I hope the new public and partial trade system will prove to be helpful for aspiring adoptables site owners. The point is to give users as many choices to customize their sites as possible, after all there is no single way to satisfy everyone. I also wish to see more diversified adoptables sites that look and behave quite differently. To make this happen, its necessary to create a more customizable version of the base script. Dont you think so?

The next part of the blogpost series will explain how the ACP works for trade, see you later until then I guess?

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Both features sound absolutely wonderful! As always, I am very excited to start seeing what I can do with these features!
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