What's new in Mys v1.3.4: Trade System(Part I: Multiple Adopts/Items Trade)

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Its been a while since I posted an article of Mys v1.3.4's new features. With the new trade system already in beta-testing stage, I will be composing blog posts about how it works in action. Due to the complexity of this new trade system, it will likely to be a 3-4 part series.

The very first one will introduce the action of multiple adopts/items trade. Yes, in Mys v1.3.4 it will be possible to send multiple adoptables/items from/to users rather than just one. Sounds interesting doesnt it? Well I hope it does make lives more convenient this way.

To begin with, the trade station's index page has gotten a new interface. It explains the basics of trade system and states additional features your can turn on/off from admin control panel. Multiple Adopts/Items trade is one of them, and the others are Partial/Incomplete trade, public trade offers, and trade offer moderation(not enabled from the demo site). The other three additional features are beyond the scope of this article as they require extensive explanation.
[image unavailable]

Now if you click on the link to start a trade offer, you will be directed to this generic trade offer page, in which you can compose a trade offer:
[image unavailable]

Apparently there is a small problem here, we have yet to select a recipient, our trade partner! It is actually possible to proceed without a recipient, as the trade will become a public trade offer available in the public trade center at Trade Station, but for now we want to make a standard or private trade offer. To accomplish this, simply use the search function to get a user or an owned adoptable and click the trade icon after the results show up. We will arrive at this:
[image unavailable]

As can be seen from the screenshot above, the recipient's owned adoptables and private items will also show up in the form. With multiple adopts/items trade enabled, it is possible to press the 'ctrl' button to select multiple options from the dropdownlist. Every adoptable/item selected will become part of the trade package, sounds neat? You can also turn off multiple adopts/items trade, simply go to AdminCP and uncheck this option. In such case, you will get a traditional dropdown box that does not allow multiple selection. We can also enter the amount of cash we wish to offer to our trade partner, and write a short message for trade description. It is about time to send a trade offer!
[image unavailable]

Mission complete, a trade offer has been completed. Note if you enable trade moderation, each trade offer will have to be moderated by a site admin before it becomes available(will explain in detail in next parts). Trade offers can be modified or canceled by the sender him/herself too, just like the old trade system does. The recipient, on the other hand, will receive a private message and a trade offer available at mytrades page, which looks similar to the revise page but with different actions available(instead of 'revise', we will have accept/decline):
[image unavailable]

The decline mechanism works exactly the same as the old trade system so I wont explain more. If you decide to accept a trade offer though, you will get a trade review page which asks you to confirm the action. You will have one more chance to think over before completing an irreversible action, so be careful:
[image unavailable]

Ready to accept a trade? Bingo, it is all said and done! All adoptables/items involved in a trade offer will exchange owners once a trade is completed, while the sender's cash offered will be delivered to the recipient. Its easy, isnt it? Note once a trade offer is completed, it can neither be modified/canceled by the sender nor be reversed by the recipient. However, admins can reverse trades through ACP, this is assuming that the sender and recipient still own the adoptables/items they have just recently received.
[image unavailable]

For a site admin though, the new trade system is quite powerful but complex, so it will take a few more explanations to get to learn every bit of feature it offers. In the next part of this series I will introduce the new Public and Partial trade offers, which add more flexibility to your site. It will be available most likely tomorrow, so just wait and see!

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;A; This is flippin' amazing! I especially love the idea of the public trades, it could be extremely useful for many people. Thank you so much for all your hard work on this, so excited for 1.3.4's release!
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