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Now that Mys v1.3.3 has been released, the development of this script is moving on the next stage. Mys v1.3.4 is the next minor release I've proposed a while ago, while the next major release Mys v1.4.0's development has also officially begun though it's still in the very early stage. In this blog I will be introducing new planned features in Mys v1.3.4 and a tiny bit of detail for Mys v1.4.0.

First of all, Mys v1.3.4 will feature an even more improved Object oriented code from Mys v1.3.3. Since the preliminary design for controllers are already available in Mys v1.3.3, Mys v1.3.4 will bringing in another layer of separation of concerns. This new layer is called 'View', which makes up for the second letter 'V' in the MVC architecture. Ideally, controllers should only worry about the business logic, and nothing about the actual presentation of the logic. In Mys v1.3.3, however, the controllers contain both business logic and presentation, which gives rises to the idea that these two need to be decoupled from each other. The controller can assign some values to the view object for it to use, while the view can feedback to the controller. In this way, we create a loosely coupled system that is easily customizable.

Mys v1.3.4 will feature the appearance of the PHP Collections Framework. For those of you familiar with Java's Collections Framework, this one works pretty much the same way except that it is used in PHP. Since PHP does not allow inner/anonymous classes, the implementation will be somewhat different here. The collections framework will come in handy storing and manipulating collection of objects, whose usefulness may not be perceivable until later.

Also, the Trade System overhaul will be available in Mys v1.3.4. The current trade system is able to satisfy many people's needs, but it is still inflexible and lacking some necessary features. In the advanced trade engine for Mys v1.3.4, admins will have full control over the trade system. You can set various conditions and restrictions on trade, you can even moderate each individual trade offers to see which one should be allowed to go through. Multiple pets/items trade will be possible, so the transaction can get huge. Moreover, users can send out partial or incomplete trade request. This way a user simply requests for a given pet, while allowing the trade partner to revise the trade with what he/she wants to receive in return. More flexible this way, dont you think so?

On the other hand, the customizable Widget/Module system will receive a significant improvement. Yes, in Mys v1.3.4 it will be possible to create modules for various Widget blocks instead of sidebars only. You can even create custom Widgets on par with existing Widgets such as header, footer, Menu and Sidebar and use them in your template file. This can get a bit tricky if you dont know what you are doing though.

Last but not least, the adoptables and adopt-levels manager will undergo revision in Mys v1.3.4 to make them more customizable and convenient. Right now it is difficult to edit adoptables species directly in ACP, and creating multiple levels for each species can be a pain. In Mys v1.3.4, you can edit adoptables conditions and other attributes too rather than just the basic information. For adopt-levels, you may define a level 'template' used by each species to quickly populate your newly created adoptables with levels. It will come in handy if each of your adoptable has up to 10-100 levels rather than just 2-5.

Note the features above are what have been planned for Mys v1.3.4, the list may undergo small changes in future but its unlikely for major new features to be added considering it is after all, a minor release.

For Mys v1.4.0, it is still in the very early stage of development. I've posted a thread concerning new features in the next major release, you may take a look at that thread and submit your ideas if you wish to. Id also appreciate if you want to discuss the planned features for Mys v1.4.0 such as Stats System and tell me what you want it to look like. Mysidia Adoptables, after all, is made for the users of the script, it is therefore important for me to know what our members need the most from the script. Of course complex features such as Battle System and Exploration System will have to wait till Mys v1.5.0 and v1.6.0 due to their complexity, but minor features everyone finds useful may as well come in Mys v1.4.0 or the future Mys v1.4.x series.

So this concludes my long and hopefully not too boring article for Mys v1.3.4 and the future releases. If you have any suggestions, please do lemme know. Have a great week.

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