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  1. Hall of Famer

    Is there a way to allow 1.3.6 to use php 8.1?

    Its interesting, seems to be a notice error so it wont affect your live site. Mysidia does not use return type hinting though, so I am surprised you can get this error.
  2. Hall of Famer

    Reserved Class Name Error (1.3.4)

    Did you change your PHP version to PHP 7.4? To use Mys v1.3.5 or lower, you need PHP 5.6. I did recall downgrading your PHP version when I downgraded your installation of Mysidia Adoptables, so the only reason you are having this error is that you somehow changed the PHP version from cpanel...
  3. Hall of Famer

    Documentation for 1.3.6

    Actually I was planning to make a documentation for future versions, though it wont be a bad idea for Mys v1.3.6 since it has a lot of classes and the architecture is enough neat already.
  4. Hall of Famer

    webpage not available on PC?

    It is very strange, why do you have like 20 IPs? Do you use a VPN? Anyway I checked at least 5 of your IPs and they are not banned, if you cant access the site on your PC, google your IP address and let me know which one cannot visit the site/forum. I cannot check all 20+ IPs for you unfortunately.
  5. Hall of Famer

    Fatal error with using item

    You are very welcome. I am glad it works, and thank you for bringing up this issue. I thought Mys v1.3.6 should be compatible with latest technology, seems I forgot about MySQL 8.
  6. Hall of Famer

    Fatal error with using item

    Oh this error has nothing to do with PHP version, Mysidia Adoptables v1.3.6 should work on PHP 8. The issue is MySQL 8 which adds a new keyword that was not there in the past versions. I think it is located at file /model/domainmodel/itemfunction.php file, line 22: $whereclause =...
  7. Hall of Famer

    Fatal error with using item

    If you are using MySQL 8+, function becomes a reserved word. To fix the issue, replace function by `function` (enclose the text with backticks `).
  8. Hall of Famer

    NULL not working in 1.3.6

    The code in Mys v1.3.6 has changed that NULL is no longer a valid value for the first argument of class OwnedAdoptable. It is not possible to create an instance of class OwnedAdoptable without an adoptable ID.
  9. Hall of Famer

    Mys 1.3.5 Modded Version of 1.3.4. **Please read instructions ^^

    I've looked into this, it seems that to fix it for Mys v1.3.6 will be enough tricky considering how many files need to be changed, though most changes are trivial. Basically, you need to remove the folder /classes from your version, and add folders /controller, /model, /resource, /service and...
  10. Hall of Famer

    Mys 1.3.5 Modded Version of 1.3.4. **Please read instructions ^^

    Just wondering, did you figure out how to get this to work with Mys v1.3.6? If not, I can try to help you during this weekend.
  11. Hall of Famer

    Mysidia Adoptables v1.3.6[Security Release]

    Maybe you can show me what you did that didnt work in detail? I understand some things may be confusing to you.
  12. Hall of Famer

    Mysidia Adoptables v1.3.6[Security Release]

    I dont remember there was any bugs with breeding system. Did you set up the breeding line in admin control panel properly? Regarding items, which items do not function? I believe most of them are functional. Regarding last ID, it is working but a bit tricky. You need to enter the last Alt ID...
  13. Hall of Famer

    Mys 1.3.5 Modded Version of 1.3.4. **Please read instructions ^^

    For mys 1.3.6, you should get some error messages saying that a class does not exist. In this case, just import the class with using statement and it should fix the issue. If you get a different issue/error instead, post it here and I will have a look.
  14. Hall of Famer

    Need a 1.3.5 to 1.3.6 Guide for Modders :)

    Mods should work with version 1.3.6 as long as you import namespaces properly, there should be little to no coding changes besides that. You may see PHP manual for now to import a namespace: If you can’t get it right, lemme know and...
  15. Hall of Famer

    Bean Pets

    Looking great, you even have NPCs on your site for your members to interact with.
  16. Hall of Famer

    I wanna make a 3D pet sim, like foopets. Is this the right framework for me to get started with?

    Well Mysidia adoptables is a software for building click-pet websites. It has nothing to do with making a console game on PC, Mobile etc, so it does not make sense to compare it to Unity3D. If you want a browser game though, it may be suitable for you.
  17. Hall of Famer

    Up and Running with questions

    Regarding date range, it is actually not hard to make at all. Yeah an addon/mod will have to be made for this, but I suspect it will be near effortless as long as you are familiar with the plugin system. Basically, the current date check just verifies if the date matches exactly, with date range...
  18. Hall of Famer

    Showing most recent forum posts on main page/index?

    well, in the forum integration script(/functions/functions_forums.php for Mys v1.3.4) you should find something like this: include("inc/config_forums.php"); $forums = new Database($mybbdbname, $mybbhost, $mybbuser, $mybbpass, $mybbprefix) or die("Cannot connect to forum...
  19. Hall of Famer

    Mys 1.3.6 Lootbox Mod

    Looks nice, seems that you are getting a hang of creating mods for Mysidia Adoptables, I am sure it will help a lot more people. Maybe one day I should post a tutorial on how to do this step by step.
  20. Hall of Famer

    Public Pet Profiles in 1.3.6

    Did you check an old mod made for Mys v1.3.4? The code should not be very different:
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