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  1. GeneticAlpha

    Neopets Expat to Developer, Hopefully?

    Welcome to Mysidia! If you don't know much about coding I recommend having the Mysidia Hosting. Famer installs everything for you. Ittermat is right, it is really tough if you don't have a lot of knowledge but I'm always willing to help give a hand where I can to new pet site creators because I...
  2. GeneticAlpha

    One of my sites is looking weird

    That's insane! I'm sorry to hear that.
  3. GeneticAlpha

    One of my sites is looking weird

    I have mine on mysidiahost and love it.
  4. GeneticAlpha

    One of my sites is looking weird

    Have you checked your host site? I'm pretty sure they no longer exist. I get a 404 error message when trying to look them up.
  5. GeneticAlpha

    Mys 1.3.4 Alchemy Mod

    Why am I getting this error? An error has occurred... Database error 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'and item2 = ) OR (item = and item2 = )' at line 2
  6. GeneticAlpha

    Up and Running with questions

    I if I remember correctly, it's said its an easy install if you haven't heavily modded your site, so then you manually install, but if your haven't added any mods at all it'll be easy. You just upload the new files so they replace code and files or add necessary ones. Basically overwriting the...
  7. GeneticAlpha

    Up and Running with questions

    Let me know if I can help any more. 🙂 I do my best lol. You can message here or Discord.
  8. GeneticAlpha

    Up and Running with questions

    Are you running 1.3.6? So for 1. I think it's either in the shop creation, or pet creation, but I was thinking one of them allowed you to put what date to what date a pet or shop was available. If not, you could always create a shop from scratch and set it when it's accessible. 2. I'm not...
  9. GeneticAlpha

    deleting more than one Message at a time

    A search feature would be nice too for people who may have a lot of messages.
  10. GeneticAlpha

    Showing most recent forum posts on main page/index?

    I'll message you on Discord and if we can figure it out I'll post the answer here. I'm sure it's an if page working with a $today date type code that looks at what db stuff was posted for the day then displays.
  11. GeneticAlpha

    Mys 1.3.6 Shop NPC & In-Shop Descriptions

    In 1.3.5 we have regular php files and then view files and with 1.3.6 the file names were changed and moved around so I was lost. Hoping by the time I start a 1.3.6 site there might be some documentation on it somewhere lol.
  12. GeneticAlpha

    Mys 1.3.5 Pet Group Sorting Mod 1.3.5

    I'll definitely try to convert it later to work for 1.3.6 :) as well as other mods I made.
  13. GeneticAlpha

    Customizing problems

    Daaang that stuff you listed is very helpful lol. It's just brain wracking a little still since someone like me has no idea how you would even figure that out.. 😂 Documentation would be nice for sure. Does it still let you call the database like this for example? I forgot the exact code but...
  14. GeneticAlpha

    Customizing problems

    I host with Mysidia hosting. I'll eventually get another site set up with 1.3.6 but I'm not mentally up to the challenge yet since I'm about to have my second baby and after messing with it for a friend lol. But I'll definitely try to try and learn to code with it later. I'm a self taught coder...
  15. GeneticAlpha

    Mys 1.3.1 Group sort I made the tutorial after fixing the mod.
  16. GeneticAlpha

    Mys 1.3.5 Pet Group Sorting Mod 1.3.5

    Now is the trickier part, because the next files we need to add things into is the myadopts files. We'll be messing with the regular PHP page and the view. So you'll need to edit both files. We'll work with the myadopts.php first since it's easiest. You want to paste this code at the closing...
  17. GeneticAlpha

    Mys 1.3.5 Pet Group Sorting Mod 1.3.5

    So this mod is one I got working thanks to reading posts by: Dinocanid, draugluin, and Abronsyth on an old post here: 1.3.1 Group Sorting Mod This mod will work for 1.3.4, 1.3.5, and with tweaking it might work for 1.3.6 but I'm not sure. It works by placing a sorting drop-down on your myadopts...
  18. GeneticAlpha

    Customizing problems

    I can probably help if you're on 1.3.4 or 1.3.5. I use 1.3.5 but I have a friend on 1.3.4. I have tried working with 1.3.6 and it's so frustrating, and I don't feel like working with it for awhile. I've always gotten so far in my 1.3.5 that I'm sticking with it.
  19. GeneticAlpha

    Resetting Pet Levels & Clicks when abandoning

    Oof, yeah if it functions it functions is how I've looked at some of my stuff too. Sorry I can't be of help, I haven't started messing with my pound system yet. I do know I'm on 1.3.5 though, and if you're on 1.3.6 it's newer and seems to be trickier to work with.
  20. GeneticAlpha

    How to get trade system to accept currency only for trades? 1.3.5

    Sorry, I should of clarified my Mysidia version is 1.3.5. I've not upgraded to 1.3.6.
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