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  • Kae, remember when I asked about phpBB intergration? Would you be able to take forum credits? I've been having problems with $$ recently (as in, I'm not getting enough). Let me know, otherwise I'll scrounge up the funds somehow. :3
    Oh, and if I were to place an order for you to do this, what would a price estimate be including installation.
    Erm, I has a question. I'm working on a site with the Mysidia script. Anyways, my site is going to be more like a text based quest (most likely) with the adoptables stuff alongside that. So, I want to do a sort of "chapters" kind of thing. Basically, I want to have a quest archive sort of page, that reveals a link whenever a user reaches a certain point in a quest. For example, the user has completed three chapters. Therefore, there are four links on the archive page (links for chapters 1, 2, 3, and 4) that will bring you to the beginning of each chapter. That user completes chapter 4, so now they get a link on the archive page so that they can return to chapter 5
    Hey Kae, Hoffie asked me to share my IM data with you, if you want to catch up or talk about MysAdopts stuffs it's listed on my profile. :3
    Of course you can, just make sure you state it clearly that its not an official version and may not be able to upgrade using my upgrader script for future releases.
    Hey Kaeliah, do you know if there's an easy way for users to install recaptcha? Fadillzzz managed to integrate recaptcha with Mys, but it requires users to register their domains to recaptcha's official site to retrieve their keys, which I believe is way too complicated for our users to install.
    Sorry Kaeliah my MSN crashed and for some reason I could not re-connect. Have to leave for the day now, sleep soundly. ^^
    Hey Kae, I have a question for you. How much would you charge for bridging phpBB3 & MysAdopts? Call it curiosity, and let's say the cat's all right. :3
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